Antonija M. is a creative studio bringing unique characters and patterns to life. We create cute in a designy way. Japan meets Sweden. Kawaii merging with classic harmony. Two opposite elements creating a distinct style that can be adapted for all markets and a wide age range. We build and develop our own character driven brands, supported by strong stories, emotions and a vivid imagination. Creating characters is our strong point. We see ourselves as storytellers. We love building emotions and stories into everything we do.

Antonija is the creative force behind the studio. After approximately 2 decades of working as a creative director in the branding and marketing world, building strong brands and products for international companies, she decided to encounter a new adventure. Creating characters and patterns that make you smile, brighten up your day, making every moment sparkle. She understands business, how it works, what it takes to make an idea/product/brand succeed on the market. While creating characters and patterns she sees how they can be implemented on products and packaging. Into each project she brings both sides of her personality: the unlimited creative spirit and the logical goal driven side. She is a dreamer with her head in the clouds and her feet firmly on the ground.